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Digital Disruption in International Education Marketing

Following is an overview via the Draft National International Education Strategy and impact of the digital economy and disruption in international education communications and marketing

The most significant change in the past ten years has been the digital revolution which creates digital disruption in administrative management through diverse digital communication and marketing channels available to students, or ‘atomisation’ of channels, while international management have not adapted.  

Australian international education management still equate business plans or strategies with ‘travel plans’ that owe more to promotion of commodity exports of the 1970s, while ignoring effective and well managed digital, all year round to be visible online.

Digital management and leadership in Australia is still lacking while the same leaders are informing strategy in the digital economy?  

Kimmorley Sarah Business Insider: ‘KIM WILLIAMS: Why Australia still isn’t ready for the digital era.  Former News Corp Australia chief executive Kim Williams says Australia “is not managing the change at all well” as digital disruption upends the global economy.

…. Those who ignore that change are destined to fail.  Fragmentation in all things will accelerate and the outcomes will be unpredictable. The only certainty will be the relentlessness in innovation and necessity, and inevitability, for transformational change depending on your position and perspective.

More on digital technology and leadership in Australian business, government and international education in blog ‘Digital Leadership in International Education Marketing Management‘, conclusion:

‘Increasingly, however, with the pressure building to drive to key business goals we expect that emphasis will shift to measuring the effectiveness of the marketing effort against real business outcomes. In an international student recruitment context, that means students reached, enquiries generated, applications received, students enrolled, and, ultimately, retention levels and graduation rates.‘

For more information about international education digital marketing click through.

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