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Australian International Education Services Christopher Pyne

June 29, 2015

Recently the Department of Education with Minister Christopher Pyne developed a draft national strategy for international education, and since then various news reports have referred to this strategy.  However, many do not view the draft as a strategy but merely a list of aspirations and wishes or objectives, lacking anything about how this strategy should […]

International Education Course Search SEO Digital Marketing

June 14, 2015

Organic Destination/Course Search vs Paid Offshore Promotional Events/Campaigns. SEO organic inbound search results versus paid or sponsored outbound.  What is the difference between paid ‘outbound’ conventional events or digital campaigns via AdWords etc., and organic ‘inbound’ SEO for course and destination search?  Why use SEO techniques as part of the marketing mix versus campaigns or […]

International Education SEO Digital Marketing and Online Visibility

June 8, 2015

Following is a simple SEO search engine optimisation guide 2015 infographic from applicable to international education marketing and recruitment .  The focus is upon ‘buyers’ or ‘students’ to give feedback and generate quality digital marketing content, multi-lingually, that improves your web presence, for your target audience. Summary of activity for international marketing management and strategy should […]

Australian International Education Strategy Submission Parts 1 and 2

June 3, 2015

Introduction to AIEC Australian Draft International Education Strategy Submission May 2015: If one scans the whole international education ’empirical field’ to inform an Australian international education strategy, inputs and desired outcomes are limited to selected aspirations or objectives, and preferred or conventional channels for ‘activity’, with some glaring omissions and contradictory objectives.   This submission is an effort […]

Draft International Education Strategy Australia 2015

June 1, 2015

The Australian international education community is encouraged to provide feedback and examples of specific institutional, state and territory, and community-based initiatives that further the proposed goals.  Draft National Strategy for International Education submission from AIEC Australian International Education Centre click through. Introduction: If one scans the whole international education ’empirical field’ to inform an Australian […]

International Education Marketing Communications Management

January 21, 2015

From The Australian Higher Ed article from Phil Honeywood about marketing and communications management in international education: ‘Communication standards are getting lost in translation.  IN different English-speaking countries, the evolution of ­vocabulary can produce wonderful culturally laden deviations from the norm. Thus, in India we still hear such exquisite phrases as “do the needful”, “there […]

Academic Study Communication Skills in Budapest Hungary

December 29, 2014

Many international or local students, and business professionals, require academic English and business communication skills support after commencing university studies to meet degree requirements for the objective of graduation, and post graduate employment interview and work place skills. English for academic purposes (EAP) entails training students, usually in a higher education setting, to use language […]

Direct Student Recruitment Schools versus Agents?

October 11, 2014

There have always been issues with schools and universities promoting and recruiting directly, whether on direct online or via a recruitment event, and clear analysis of how students found an institution (often more personal preferences vs corporate objectives).  Further, there is the other question, why are not others finding you? Why do most international marketing […]

Education Agent Marketing for International

February 16, 2014

‘How will online school selection affect education agents?  At ICEF Monitor, we have written before about how educators can power their recruitment and programming strategies via the astute collection, management, and analysis of data on the behaviours and patterns of students. Today, we look at examples of online data sites and services available to students researching their education options, […]

Australia Labour Market Graduate Employment Recruitment

December 18, 2013

Weak labour market makes job-hunt harder for new graduates BERNARD LANE, THE AUSTRALIAN: GRADUATES are finding it tougher to get a job straight out of university because of weak demand in the labour market. Four months after finishing, 10.6 per cent of 2013 bachelor degree graduates up for a full-time job had still not found […]