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International student market diversity in Australia

April 1, 2015

Recent news articles about the need for Australian international education and providers to diversify away from an over dependence upon developed markets in Asia:   From The Fairfax Australia: ‘Education sector urged to lookto Latin America to turn around slump in international students.  Australia should look beyond the Asia-Pacific and lure more international students from […]

Social Media International Education Digital Strategy

January 27, 2015

International education university marketing, recruitment and social media, connecting the dots…?  From The Pie International Education News:   ‘Social media survey: 1/4 of unis disappoint.  Over a quarter of universities contacted in a ‘mystery shopper’ social media survey failed to respond to enquiries from a prospective student, with particularly dismal performances from US and Canadian […]

Asian Cup 2015 Marketing Brand Australia

January 24, 2015

Football journalist Craig Foster explains why the Asian Cup 2015 is great promotion of Australia in Asia and the world: ‘For the Socceroos and the Asian Cup, the best is yet to come.  Does anyone want to argue the Asian Cup has not been a magnificent experience for Australia and is not money well spent […]

International Education Digital SEO Marketing Europe Australia

January 18, 2015

International Education Australia and Europe Marketing SWOT  Central Eastern Europe Turkey  January 2015 AIEC Australian International Education Centre Budapest Strengths: Introduction of SVP for Advanced Diplomas for TAFE and RTOs. Potential lower AUD and exchange rates (albeit with historically high fees and living costs). Recognition of Australia and international marketing through community links, both international […]

International Education Policy and Politics in Australia and Britain

December 13, 2014

Recent articles highlights some of the contradictions in governments’ disjointed actions over international students, being compromised by misinformed domestic electoral concerns about visa, immigration and population growth   From University World News: ‘Parochial thinking in a global student business’. Brian Stoddart:   ‘Over the past two decades or so, one of the most startling but […]

International Student Income for Universities in Australia

November 29, 2014

From New Matilda Australia Higher Education 28 Nov 2014 ‘Using International Students As Cash Cows Does No One Any Favours.  Poaching overseas students for their fees leaves them vulnerable to exploitation and undermines the quality of the university sector, writes Dr Richard Hil. Recent revelations in the Sydney Morning Herald that a number of international […]

Australian International Education in a Globalised World

November 8, 2014

Why international students are Australia’s best tie to a globalised world:   ‘Globalization is recovering from financial crisis, DHL Global Connectedness Index reveals…… Nonetheless, trade depth, as a distinct dimension of globalization, continues to stagnate and the overall level of global connectedness remains quite limited, implying that there could be gains of trillions of US […]

Agent Management in International Education Marketing and Recruitment

October 25, 2014

From The Pie News more on the eternal agent debate, creates more questions, what about those who manage agents in international education, international students, SEO digital marketing strategies, visa, immigration and employment outcomes?   ‘UK HE agent management needs reform, lacks transparency.  A charge of naivety has been levelled against some UK institutions dealing with […]

Direct Student Recruitment Schools versus Agents?

October 11, 2014

There have always been issues with schools and universities promoting and recruiting directly, whether on direct online or via a recruitment event, and clear analysis of how students found an institution (often more personal preferences vs corporate objectives).  Further, there is the other question, why are not others finding you? Why do most international marketing […]

Employment Immigration Issues for International Students in Australia

October 8, 2014

From Campus Daily News Australia on difficulties faced by international student graduate work rights and immigration   ‘Education in the school of hard knocks: International students want to work in Australia after graduation and many hope to immigrate, but as the report of a study from Deakin and UTS academics demonstrates, both options are not […]


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