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Vocational Education Technical Trades Training in School for Youth Employment

July 13, 2015

Recent article from The Conversation Australia about issues in preparing Australian youth for vocational education and training, and unemployment:   ‘Preparing young people for work: do we really have a crisis?  In the last 12 months, Australian governments of all persuasions have alluded to a crisis in how we prepare young people for trade and technical […]

Australian International Education Services Christopher Pyne

June 29, 2015

Recently the Department of Education with Minister Christopher Pyne developed a draft national strategy for international education, and since then various news reports have referred to this strategy.  However, many do not view the draft as a strategy but merely a list of aspirations and wishes or objectives, lacking anything about how this strategy should […]

Yeni Avustralya Türkiye Film Russell Crowe Cem Yılmaz

December 5, 2014

Crowe’dan tarihi açıklama! Avustralyalı aktör ve yönetmen Russell Crowe, “Gelibolu’da bağımsız bir ulusu işgal ettik” dedi. Yeni Zelanda doğumlu Avustralyalı aktör ve yönetmen Russell Crowe,  tartışmaya yol açan ifadeler kullandı. Russell Crowe, “Gelibolu’da bağımsız bir ulusu işgal ettik.” dedi. Seven Network kanalında sunucu Mike Willesee’nin sorularını cevaplayan ünlü oyuncu, çekimleri Türkiye’de yapılan ve 26 Aralık’ta […]

SEO Inbound Organic Marketing for International Education

July 21, 2014

International Education Digital SEO marketing and other international education news:   AIEC Australian International Education Centre is highly visible online in CEE Central Eastern European languages and Turkish from SEO via website, Twitter/Google+ network, blogs, other social media and conventional.     This includes email lists for Turkey (600 contacts and increasing) updates to private high school […]

International Admissions on Student Recruitment Agents

July 20, 2014

From The Chronicle of Higher Education.   ‘In International-Student Recruitment, Questions About Integrity Persist.  The agent debate is dead. Long live the integrity debate. For some time now, the discussion about whether American colleges could use commission-based agents when recruiting students abroad has been the hottest of hot-button issues in international admissions, with each camp staking out fiercely […]

Work Skills for the Digital Economy in Australia

July 16, 2014

From Fairfax Sydney Morning Herald:   ‘The top 10 most endangered jobs of 2014.  If Postman Pat were to find himself negotiating the job market of today, it’s likely he would need an open mind to a career change.     In today’s fast-paced, technology-rich world certain careers are changing drastically, and in some cases […]

SEO Social Media for International Education Student Marketing Recruitment

July 14, 2014

International Education and Student Recruitment Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, News and Information:   AIEC is highly visible online in Turkish (and other languages) via website, social media including Twitter network, blogs and conventional i.e. email list (600 contacts and increasing) updates to private high school counsellors, career centres at private university and vocational schools, […]

International Student Recruitment in Europe Turkey for Study in Australia

July 14, 2014

SWOT Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for international education study abroad providers recruiting from CEE Central Eastern Europe and Turkey.   Strengths: Cities where there are part time work opportunities for students and moderate rents. SVP Streamlined Visa Processing (in theory) and if wider diversity of prospective students become aware (vs usual cohort from core […]

Media in Australia on International Accounting Graduate Immigration

July 9, 2014

Latest news about accounting on the skilled occupation list and graduate work rights for international students in Australia.   From The Australian Financial Review:   ‘Graduates hardest hit by decision to retain skilled migrant status for accountants.  Accounting graduates will be hardest hit by a government decision to keep the profession on a list of […]

Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Content for International Education

July 7, 2014

From Search Engine Watch on Tourism Australia’s digital marketing, content and social media: ‘9 Content Marketing Lessons From Tourism Australia.  Most of us think about marketing our businesses or our clients’ business, but how do you content market an entire country (to the world)? That was the question facing Australia back in 2010 when they […]


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