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Asian Cup 2015 Marketing Brand Australia

January 24, 2015

Football journalist Craig Foster explains why the Asian Cup 2015 is great promotion of Australia in Asia and the world: ‘For the Socceroos and the Asian Cup, the best is yet to come.  Does anyone want to argue the Asian Cup has not been a magnificent experience for Australia and is not money well spent […]

Digital Leadership in International Education Marketing Management

December 6, 2014

In international education strategy, marketing, communications and recruitment in the digital economy, do management skill sets fit the 21st century? Following are related articles on digital and leadership from commerce, public sector and international education.   From Business Spectator: ‘Australia’s lost digital tribes.  Last week in Sydney a collection of industry groups, telcos and local […]

Australian International Education in a Globalised World

November 8, 2014

Why international students are Australia’s best tie to a globalised world:   ‘Globalization is recovering from financial crisis, DHL Global Connectedness Index reveals…… Nonetheless, trade depth, as a distinct dimension of globalization, continues to stagnate and the overall level of global connectedness remains quite limited, implying that there could be gains of trillions of US […]

International Student Recruitment in Europe Turkey for Study in Australia

July 14, 2014

SWOT Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats for international education study abroad providers recruiting from CEE Central Eastern Europe and Turkey.   Strengths: Cities where there are part time work opportunities for students and moderate rents. SVP Streamlined Visa Processing (in theory) and if wider diversity of prospective students become aware (vs usual cohort from core […]

Australia Central Eastern Europe Turkey International Education Market SWOT

August 22, 2013

Strengths AUD falling, SVP Streamlined Visa Processing for university higher education and approved pathways. Property prices and rents continue to stagnate, while Melbourne and Brisbane have highest vacancy rates e.g. Southbank Melbourne 10%. Opposition Education Minister has said that they would expand Streamlined Visa Processing and post graduate work rights beyond university to private vocational […]

International Education Marketing Market Intelligence Development Digital Turkey Central Europe

November 9, 2011

AIEC QUEST Market Development, Digital Marketing Strategy and Metrics 2011/12 Turkey Market Development and Presence: AIEC is now based in Turkey (regionally) and Hungary for much of the year with Istanbul based partner Hasan Metin of IntentEdu International Education Consulting, in private university teaching centre Istanbul.  AIEC is promoting directly to counsellors and career advisors in […]

International Education Digital Marketing Social Media Resources Strategy

October 31, 2011

Australian Tourism gets kitted up for Social Media: The use of Social Media channels by consumers has rapidly expanded, resulting in a high demand by industry for simple and relevant information on how to capitalise on this opportunity. The Tourism e-kit includes major enhancements to support industry on the crucial steps to developing and applying […]

Australian International Education November 2011 SWOT Central Eastern Europe UK Turkey

October 27, 2011

Strengths: • Work rights and part time employment opportunities, especially Melbourne. • Knight visa review recommendations benefitting university and pathways. • Property markets softening with more plentiful and cheaper rentals. • Knight visa streamlining giving responsibility to institutions on visa compliance which should ensure ongoing communication with candidates onshore i.e. good marketing. • Greater choice […]

Digital Marketing Social Media Sells International Education

August 13, 2011

Social media sells education. THE explosion in internet access has transformed the 3.5 million strong market for international education according to a four year global research project by the British Council’s Education Intelligence unit, published today exclusively by The Australian. According to research manager Elizabeth Shepherd, “the evidence shows institutions that want to attract the […]

International Education Market Research Tools Techniques

August 9, 2011

Research gets deep.   As the founder of Real Ethnography, Agafonoff is part of a growing trend for ethnographic market research. Pioneered by companies such as Xerox in 1970s California, ethnographic market research eschews the statistical model of market research in favour of techniques pulled from anthropology, sociology and documentary filmmaking. It typically uses a […]


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