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Australian International Education Services Christopher Pyne

June 29, 2015

Recently the Department of Education with Minister Christopher Pyne developed a draft national strategy for international education, and since then various news reports have referred to this strategy.  However, many do not view the draft as a strategy but merely a list of aspirations and wishes or objectives, lacking anything about how this strategy should […]

International Education Course Search SEO Digital Marketing

June 14, 2015

Organic Destination/Course Search vs Paid Offshore Promotional Events/Campaigns. SEO organic inbound search results versus paid or sponsored outbound.  What is the difference between paid ‘outbound’ conventional events or digital campaigns via AdWords etc., and organic ‘inbound’ SEO for course and destination search?  Why use SEO techniques as part of the marketing mix versus campaigns or […]

Marketing Communications Management in Australian International Education

June 11, 2015

International Education Marketing (mis) Management in a Digital World: If Australia is to diversify international education markets there needs to be less focus upon short term sales in core markets, but are personnel competent on how to achieve international student diversity effectively? The difference now is that in the digital and knowledge economy and with […]

Digital Disruption in International Education Marketing

June 10, 2015

Following is an overview via the Draft National International Education Strategy and impact of the digital economy and disruption in international education communications and marketing:  The most significant change in the past ten years has been the digital revolution which creates digital disruption in administrative management through diverse digital communication and marketing channels available to […]

Australian International Education National Strategy

June 9, 2015

Is there anything else you would like to raise that will help develop the final National Strategy for International Education? Other factors not highlighted but impacting the international education sector include mainstream or societal and media perceptions and demonisation of international education or students, ‘population growth’, visa, immigration and related ‘white nativist’ issues in Australia […]

International Education SEO Digital Marketing and Online Visibility

June 8, 2015

Following is a simple SEO search engine optimisation guide 2015 infographic from applicable to international education marketing and recruitment .  The focus is upon ‘buyers’ or ‘students’ to give feedback and generate quality digital marketing content, multi-lingually, that improves your web presence, for your target audience. Summary of activity for international marketing management and strategy should […]

Australian International Education Strategy Submission Parts 1 and 2

June 3, 2015

Introduction to AIEC Australian Draft International Education Strategy Submission May 2015: If one scans the whole international education ’empirical field’ to inform an Australian international education strategy, inputs and desired outcomes are limited to selected aspirations or objectives, and preferred or conventional channels for ‘activity’, with some glaring omissions and contradictory objectives.   This submission is an effort […]

Draft International Education Strategy Australia 2015

June 1, 2015

The Australian international education community is encouraged to provide feedback and examples of specific institutional, state and territory, and community-based initiatives that further the proposed goals.  Draft National Strategy for International Education submission from AIEC Australian International Education Centre click through. Introduction: If one scans the whole international education ’empirical field’ to inform an Australian […]

Australia Draft International Education Strategy 2015

April 4, 2015

Australian International Education Strategy via the Department of education is open for feedback and consultation. Related is previous post about the need for diversity in the international student population ‘Diversity in international education‘.  Recent news articles about the need for Australian international education and providers to diversify away from an over dependence upon developed markets […]

International student market diversity in Australia

April 1, 2015

Recent news articles about the need for Australian international education and providers to diversify away from an over dependence upon developed markets in Asia:   From The Fairfax Australia: ‘Education sector urged to lookto Latin America to turn around slump in international students.  Australia should look beyond the Asia-Pacific and lure more international students from […]