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International Student Myths and Stereotypes

October 18, 2014

Following is an article about international students in the UK and their experience, immigration and human development.   From The Guardian Education Meet the global students ‘International students in the UK: who are they really? Myths and stereotypes abound, but we seldom hear the voices of students who’ve come to the UK from around the […]

International Education and Immigration Population Politics

July 3, 2014

From The Times Higher Ed: ‘Take students out of immigration target, say prospective Tory . Eight out of 10 prospective Tory MPs.  MPs think the government should not target international students in the drive to reduce net migration….. ….. The survey found that 78 per cent of Conservative candidates think international students should be excluded from any […]

Anti International Education Politics

March 18, 2014

An excellent article from Simon Marginson in University World News dispelling the negative myths and misinformation around international students (ironically Dr. Bob Birrell is part owner of University World News): ‘Students are trapped by the politics of anti-migration.  In the United Kingdom and much of Europe we are in an anti-migration phase. International students, who […]

Video Nationalism Immigration Patriotism

July 28, 2013

From libertarian comedian Doug Stanhope who explains the illogical nature of nationalism and complaints about immigration.

Anti Population Immigration Bigots

March 3, 2013

Population theorist stands by his beliefs.  POPULATION expert Paul Ehrlich has been accused of many things – of being alarmist, inaccurate and even stupid.    But the man who wrote the book The Population Bomb in 1968 is standing by his original text despite many of his predictions being proven wrong, and before his visit […]

Anti Immigration Anti Population Australia

February 14, 2013

The Social Contract Press and Australia   Various Australians have contributed article, reviews, and/or have had their publications or books reviewed in John Tanton’s The Social Contract Press including:   Dr. Robert Birrell of Monash University’s Centre for Population and Urban Research in addition to articles, has had his books available via The Social Contract Press. […]

Social Contract and John Tanton

January 27, 2013

John Tanton’s The Social Contract Press is designated as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC: “In 1994 The Social Contract Press republished an infamous racist novel ‘The Camp of the Saints’ with his whole hearted endorsement and a special afterword from its author saying ‘the proliferation of other races, dooms our […]

Immigration Population Racism

January 18, 2013

Australia has had a visitor called Roy Beck from “NumbersUSA” appearing in the media to argue against immigration and population growth. Beck is obviously concerned about the environment, as are Australian groups who subscribe to similar views e.g. Stable Population Party and the Sustainable Population Australia. However, the benevolence ends there as Roy Beck has […]

Australian Population Growth Myths

November 16, 2012

Shock News! Anti Immigration Researcher calls for less Immigration. Dr. Bob Birrell of the Centre for Population & Urban Research at Monash University calls for less Temporary Visas, International Students and Immigrants (apparently British, Irish etc. Backpackers ok?). AUSTRALIA’S major immigration visa subclasses need to be culled to slash record high immigration because the growth of […]

International Student Education Employment Immigration

October 11, 2012

International Education Immigration and Students Australian Higher Education Grapples with Rise of Asia.  However, in a recurring theme at the conference, speakers said Australian society was simply unready for deeper relationships with Asia—a challenge to the goal described by Mr. Connelly. Broader social realities, such as a national debate over the rights of asylum seekers […]