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Australian International Education November 2011 SWOT Central Eastern Europe UK Turkey

October 27, 2011

Strengths: • Work rights and part time employment opportunities, especially Melbourne. • Knight visa review recommendations benefitting university and pathways. • Property markets softening with more plentiful and cheaper rentals. • Knight visa streamlining giving responsibility to institutions on visa compliance which should ensure ongoing communication with candidates onshore i.e. good marketing. • Greater choice […]

Social Media Best Practice for Universities

October 18, 2011

6 Best Practices for Universities Embracing Social Media. For universities, deciding to use social media is a no-brainer. The 18- to 24-year-old college student demographic is all over the social web, and its younger counterpart (the high school crowd) is equally immersed. Alumni, recent and far-removed, use social networks to engage and stay connected with […]

Digital Marketing Social Media Sells International Education

August 13, 2011

Social media sells education. THE explosion in internet access has transformed the 3.5 million strong market for international education according to a four year global research project by the British Council’s Education Intelligence unit, published today exclusively by The Australian. According to research manager Elizabeth Shepherd, “the evidence shows institutions that want to attract the […]

Effective Multilingual Digital Marketing for International Education

May 5, 2011

AIEC has commenced targetting relevant traffic and inbound links to subscribing institutions for visibility in English, Hungarian, German, Turkish, Greek, Serbian, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Slovene, French, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian and Farsi (and open to suggestions). Further, while AIEC visits, liases with and attends career/study days at private (and some state) universities and K12s […]

Australian Website Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimisation Needed.

October 1, 2010

Australian Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimisation Needed. Australia lags the pack on commercial clicks. AUSTRALIAN small and medium businesses have been slow to get online, lagging behind Europe and the US, despite hard evidence that those businesses that use the internet well do better. A recent survey of 1000 Australian businesses found that only 35 […]

International Education Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimisation

July 19, 2010 Comment On Rumoured Google Local Search Changes. Cheshire, United Kingdom –, a leading SEO services company, comments on recent speculation that Google is set to refine its local search listings and alter the way that people search for local services online. Speculation has been rife across the internet that Google may be about […]

Online Virtual International Education Marketing

April 11, 2010

Effective virtual, online or eMarketing is not technical and is merely good marketing practice and allows quantum leaps in the communication channel and analysis components of marketing and promotions, i.e. “electronic social anthropology”. Using the “AIDA” model, i.e. awareness, interest, decision and action, allows an institution to move away from (aggressive) direct business development and […]