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Benefits of International Education to Host Nations

September 23, 2014

Politics of International Education and International Students. International education in the Anglo world has been under concerted attack by organised anti-immigration and low population growth proponents, media and politicians. However, are people outside of international education being informed of the benefits of hosting international students and why they are important both socially and economically?   […]

International Education UK Xenophobic Politics

May 10, 2014

University World News UK article from Simon Marginson whom is professor of international higher education in the Institute of Education at the University of London in the UK.   ‘Internationalisation under threat from anti-immigration populism….Moreover, unlike the United States – which generates revenues for international education as the byproduct of policies designed to enhance American […]

Work Employment Career Information Australia

January 25, 2014

AIEC not only assists with AQF CRICOS Study Courses for Career Objective and Migration Skills Assessment, but also RPL Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience Credit Transfer through the AQF Australian Qualifications Framework for Accredited Vocational and Higher Education Study in Australia. News about Careers and Employment Trends in Australia: Future of work (from the new Daily): […]

Study in Australia Education News for International Candidates 2014

January 19, 2014

Good news from AIEC Australian International Education Centre Europe for international candidates planning to study and work in Australia, whether study and work in Sydney, study and work in Melbourne, study and work in Perth, study and work in Adelaide, study and work in Hobart Tasmania, study and work in Darwin or study and work in Queensland. The Australian dollar is falling in […]

Australia Immigration News 2013

May 5, 2013

Poisonous Population Politics For the past several years prospective immigrants, 457 temporary work visas holders and international students have been targetted in Australia’s “poisonous population politics” conducted in the mainstream media and politics. In Australia, always prone to xenophobia like Britain is now via UKIP, the debate has revolved round immigration and supposed “runaway population […]

Australian Study Work Visas Immigration

March 14, 2013

AIEC Australian Education Centre can assist with student visa with work rights and Streamlined Visa Processing SVP, visa for paid hospitality and unpaid professional internships. AIEC can refer candidates to SkillSelect database for skilled independent and family immigration to official DIAC MARA migration agents. For more information see AIEC Australian and International Education Centre for […]

International Students or Immigrants or Race Politics?

February 25, 2013

“Opinion – A political issue From Language Travel Magazine   by Bethan Norris, Senior Editor   It is easy to be scathing of governments who are happy to take tuition fees and living costs from hard working foreign students but when it comes to safeguarding political futures are only too keen to portray them as […]

UK International Students Net Migration

November 30, 2012

Britain, like Australia, cuts nose to spite face? “Net migration to UK falls by a quarter. ONS figures show net migration fell from 242,000 to 183,000 in past year, driven in part by fewer overseas students, according to The Guardian. Net migration to Britain has fallen by a quarter over the past year, from 242,000 to […]

Stop Student Visa Crackdown

November 27, 2012

Student visa crackdown sends out wrong signal, says Boris Johnson. On visit to India, London mayor says number of Indian students applying to study in UK is falling The London mayor, Boris Johnson, has said government restrictions on overseas students are putting off the brightest from coming to study in Britain.  During a five-day visit […]

Australia Asian Century

September 11, 2012

Australia in the Asia Century Australian politicians, media, business and society are obviously at cross purposes? “Students the key to opening doors in China, says HSBC. Australian companies looking to do business with China should consider recruiting some of the 150,000 Chinese students studying here (in Australia), James Hogan, the head of commercial banking for […]